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About the product

Dynamics Mobile Merchandise is available for iOS, Android and Windows 10 devices. It allows mobile users to see lists of sites or customers to visit for the day and fill-in the planned surveys with relevant data in complete off-line mode.

The solution is completely standalone – does not require backend ERP system. The backend is provided as a cloud service via web browser.

Dynamics Mobile Merchandise app operates in complete offline mode, allowing users to work with it in areas where there is no Internet connection.

The app can control if users are physically located near the planned site (Geo Fencing) and automatically tracks their actual physical location for every action performed.

App administrators can design Surveys by specifying different types of questions (text only, numeric, multi-choice and many more) in their web browsers.

Administrators may create routes and assign a route to every mobile user. The route contains a number of sites/customers to be visited in a specific week or day of the month.

Administrators may use the standard Dynamics Mobile reporting infrastructure to run various reports and check whether the mobile users are physically visiting the planned sites, see their performance and track their physical location on the world map in real-time.

Dynamics Mobile Merchandise screenshot homescreen
Dynamics Mobile Merchandise screenshot survey question
Dynamics Mobile Merchandise screenshot survey confirmation
Dynamics Mobile Merchandise screenshot signature capturing
Dynamics Mobile Merchandise screenshot route list
Dynamics Mobile Merchandise screenshot route map


Dynamics Mobile apps run on a subscription basis.

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