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About the product

Dynamics Mobile Warehouse is a cross-platform mobile app available for iOS, Android and Windows 10 devices. It is connected with Microsoft  Dynamics AX , Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 and is intended to be used by organizations having warehouse activities.

  • Works inside Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations (AX) and Dynamics 365 Business Central (NAV)

The solution is natively integrated with Microsoft Dynamics ERP product line with a native add-on. There is no middleware database to replicate the data and all transactions are automatically exchanged between the mobile device and the ERP.

  • On-line mode

Dynamics Mobile Warehouse solution connects directly to the ERP and updates transactions in near-real time using WiFi or a regular mobile cellular connection.

  • Receiving of goods via Purchase order and Transfer order

Warehouse employee may receive goods against a Purchase Order or Transfer Order existing in the ERP by scanning barcodes, Lots/Batches and serials.

  • Pick and Put away

Personnel may see a list of goods to pick or put away, scan and send back the completed items list, which reflects in the connected ERP in real time.

  • Shipping of goods via Sales order or Transfer order

Warehouse employee may expedite goods against a Sales Order or Transfer Order, existing in the ERP by scanning their barcodes, Lots/Batches and serials.

  • Goods movement and transfers

Warehouse staff may process goods movement within the warehouse or between warehouses based on existing Transfer or Movement documents.

  • Physical stock counting

Worker may also perform blind physical stock counting of goods against pre-populated counting journal in the ERP.

  • Warehouse, Bin/Location and Product inventory inquiries

Employees may inquire information for bin/location content or item/product availability and inventory directly from the mobile device.

  • Barcode scanning

All operations on the device allow users to scan barcodes via integrated barcode scanner or even via the device’s built-in camera.

  • Support for bins/locations

Dynamics Mobile Warehouse supports operations with bins and locations within the same warehouse.

  • Multi company, Multi warehouse support

Mobile users may work in a single or several legal entities with physical or virtual warehouses defined in the ERP.

Dynamics Mobile Warehouse screenshot
Dynamics Mobile Warehouse screenshot
Dynamics Mobile Warehouse screenshot
Dynamics Mobile Warehouse screenshot
Dynamics Mobile Warehouse screenshot
Dynamics Mobile Warehouse screenshot


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