License agreement

Software License Agreement

This agreement on software use (the “Agreement”) executed by and between Mobile Affairs LTD., with its headquarters at 51 Alexander Malinov Blvd, 1712 Sofia, Republic of Bulgaria, VAT ID BG200943031 (the “Provider”) and you, a physical or legal person, (the “End User”) entitles you to use the Software defined in Article 1 hereof. The Software defined in Article 1 hereof may be stored on a CD-ROM, DVD hard disk, sent via electronic mail, downloaded from the Internet, downloaded from servers of the Provider or obtained from other sources under the terms and circumstances discussed below.

THIS IS NOT A PURCHASE CONTRACT BUT AN AGREEMENT ON THE RIGHTS OF THE END USER. The Provider remains the owner of the copy of the Software and of the physical medium, if any, on which the Software is supplied in commercial packaging as well as of all copies of the Software to which the End User is entitled under this Agreement. By using the software, you express consent to the provisions and terms hereof. If you disagree with any provisions of this Agreement, promptly destroy or return the Software, installation medium, underlying documentation and a purchase receipt to MOBILE AFFAIRS LTD. or to the place where you obtained the Software.


  1. Software. The Software in this Agreement shall mean (i) the computer program Dynamics Mobile, including all its parts, (ii) the contents of hard disks, DVD, CD-ROM, e-mails, if any, or other medium to which this Agreement is attached, including the Software supplied in the form of an object code via an medium, (iii) any explaining materials and any documentation related to the Software including, without limitation, any description of the Software, its specification, description of properties, description of control, description of interface in which the Software is used, installation documentation of the Software or manuals of the Software, (iv) copies of the Software, modified versions of the Software, new versions of the Software, if supplied, in respect of which the Provider grants you the License pursuant to Article 4 hereof. The Provider shall supply the Software only in the form of executable code.
  1. Forwarding of information to the Provider. The Software contains a function which may serve to collect and dispatch to the Provider, information about the computer and/or platform on which the Software is installed (the “Information”). The Information may contain data (including personal data) about the End User and/or other users of the computer on which the Software is installed, information about the computer and operating system. The Provider shall use the obtained Information only to resolve specific issues reported by the End User and shall take reasonable measures to keep the obtained Information confidential. If you accept this Agreement and activate the above function of the Software, you agree that the Information may be forwarded to the Provider and at the same time you grant to the Provider consent necessary pursuant to the relevant legal regulations to process the obtained Information.
  1. Installation. The Software supplied shall require installation. You must install the Software on a correctly configured computer complying at least with requirements set out in the software documentation. The manner of installation is specified in the software documentation. No computer programs or hardware which could unfavorably affect the Software may be installed on the computer on which you install the Software.
  1. License. Provided that you have agreed to this Agreement and you pay the License Fee under Article 17 when due and payable, the Provider grants you a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to install the Software on a computer, to install and store the Software to the memory of a computer system and to implement, store and display the Software on computer systems, however, provided that the maximum number of such computer systems is the number which the End User specified in an order and for which the End User paid the relevant fee (the “License”). One user shall mean: (i) installation of the Software on one computer system.
  1. Exercise of rights of the End User. You must exercise the rights of the End User in person or through your employees, if any. As the End User you may only use the Software to ensure your activity and install and run the software only on those computer systems for which you have obtained and paid for the License.
  1. Limitation of rights of the End User. You may not copy, distribute, separate its parts or create derived versions of the Software, subject to the following exceptions: (a) You may create for yourself one copy of the Software on a medium for permanent storing of data as a back-up copy, provided that your archive back-up copy shall not be installed or used on any other computer. The creation of any other copy of the Software shall be a violation of this Agreement. (b) You may not use, modify, interpret, reproduce or transfer rights to use the Software or copies of the Software in any manner other than as provided for in this Agreement. (c) You may not sell the Software, sublicense or lease it to another person or hire the Software from another person or lend the Software. (d) You may not analyze, decompile, disassemble a source code or seek to obtain a source code of the Software in any other manner, except for the scope in which such limitation is explicitly prohibited by law. (e) You may not create any derivative works based on the Software. (f) You agree to use the Software only in the manner which is in accordance with all applicable legal regulations in the laws under which you use the Software including, without limitation, in accordance with applicable limitations arising from the Copyright Act and other intellectual property rights.
  1. Copyrights. The Software and all rights including, without limitation, legal title and intellectual property rights therein are the property of MOBILE AFFAIRS LTD. and/or its license providers. They are protected by provisions of international treaties and by all other applicable laws of the country in which the Software is used. The structure, organization and code of the Software are business secrets and confidential information of MOBILE AFFAIRS LTD. and/or its license providers. You may not copy the Software, with the exception specified in Article 6 (a). Any copies that you may create hereunder must contain the same notices of copyrights and legal title as specified on the Software. If you analyze, decompile, or disassemble a source code or seek to obtain a source code in any other manner in violation of the provisions of this Agreement, any information thereby obtained shall automatically and irrevocably be deemed transferred to the Provider and owned by the Provider in full from the moment of the origin thereof.
  1. Reservation of rights. All rights to the Software, except for the rights expressly granted in this Agreement to you as the End User of the Software, are reserved by the Provider for itself.
  1. Several language versions, versions for more operating systems, several copies. If the Software supports several platforms or languages or if you have obtained more copies of the Software, you may not install versions and copies of the Software on more computer systems than specified by you in an order and for which you have paid the relevant License Fee under Article 17 hereof. You may not sell, lease, hire, sublicense, lend or transfer to other persons any versions or copies of the Software not used by you.
  1. Commencement and term of the Agreement. This Agreement is valid and effective from the first day on which you have installed the Software. You may terminate this Agreement by permanently deleting, destroying or returning at your own costs the Software, all back-up copies, if any, and all related materials that you have obtained from the Provider or from its business partners. Your rights as the End User shall automatically and immediately extinguish without any notice from the Provider if you fail to comply with any provision of this Agreement. In such a case you must promptly delete, destroy or return at your own costs the Software, all back-up copies, if any, and all related materials to MOBILE AFFIRS LTD. or to the place where you obtained the Software. This Agreement is executed for an initial period of one or two years, as per the period specified by you on your order for the Software and may be repeatedly extended for another period of one or two years, provided that you pay the License Fee for extension of the License under Article 17 hereof. Without regard to the manner of termination of this Agreement, the provisions of its Articles 7, 8, 11, 13 and 20 shall remain valid without the limitation of time.
  1. End user representations. As the end user you acknowledge that the software is provided in “as is condition”, without an express or implied guarantee of any type and to the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws, neither the provider, its license providers nor copyright holders provide any express or implied representations or guarantees, in particular no sales guarantees or suitability for a specific purpose or guarantees that the software does not breach any patents, copyrights, trademarks or other rights of third parties. No guarantee from the provider or any other party exists that the functions contained in the software will comply with your requirements or that software operation will be smooth and free of errors. You assume full liability and risk for selection of the software to achieve results intended by you and for the installation, use and results that you will achieve with the software.
  1. No further obligations. This Agreement imposes no other obligations on the side of the Provider except for the obligations specifically listed in this Agreement.
  1. Limitation of guarantee. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws, in no event shall the provider, its employees or license providers be held liable for any lost profit, revenue, or sales, or for any loss of data, or for costs expended to procure spare goods or services, for property damage, personal damage, business interruption, loss of business information or for any special, direct, indirect, accidental, economic, covering, criminal, special or subsequent damage, caused in any manner whatsoever, whether arising from a contract, willful misconduct, negligence or other fact establishing the occurrence of liability, incurred due to the use of or impossibility to use the software, even in the event that the provider or its license providers have been notified of the possibility of such damage. Because certain countries and certain laws do not permit the exclusion of liability but may allow the limitation of liability, the liability of the provider, its employees or license providers shall be limited to the price that you have paid for the license.
  1. No provision of this Agreement shall affect the rights of such a party for which the law recognizes the rights and position of a consumer. The Provider on its own behalf, on behalf of its employees and on behalf of its license providers shall act for the purpose of refusal, exclusion or limitation of the obligations, liability and warranties as set out in Article 13, except for any other purpose or in any other matters.
  1. Support. The Provider shall ensure technical support for the most up-to-date version of the Software, only if a separate support agreement is signed off between the Provider and the Customer.

    a) Technical Help. The Provider or its business partners shall ensure help and support in troubleshooting and debugging in the use of the most up-to-date version of the Software throughout published operating hours. Any requirements for help and support received outside of operating hours shall be deemed to have been received on the following business day. A requirement for help and support can be delivered to the Provider via phone, facsimile or email at the reserved telephone numbers or email addresses specified in the Documentation or on the websites of the Provider or of its business partners. A requirement for help and support must be sufficiently certain and must contain data enabling the replication of the reported problem. If necessary, the End User shall be obliged to provide necessary assistance in solving a reported problem.
    b) Updating shall include each new version or change of the Software or individual parts thereof, which the Provider shall release on its websites or the websites of its business partners. The right of the Provider to compensation for damage shall not be affected by immediate revocation of the License. The End User shall be obliged to obtain the Update only from the websites of the Provider or of its contractual partners (the “Authorized Sources”). The End User agrees to install each new version or changes of the Licensed Product as soon as it has obtained them or no later than at the time to be specified by the Provider in the Software, the Documentation thereof, or on the websites of the Provider or of its business partners. The Provider shall not be held liable for damage occurred by breach of the End User’s obligation to install each new version or changes of the Software and/or installation of the Updating from sources other than the Authorized Sources.
    c) No Support. The Provider shall not be obliged to provide any support, particularly if a reported error results from any unauthorized interference with the Software, its source code, or by the use of incorrect parameters or settings of the Software, ii. has occurred by the fault of servicing staff, or by the use of the Software in non-compliance with the Documentation, iii. has already been resolved by the issuance of the Update, which the End User failed to install, iv. the End User has failed to pay the License Fee under Article 17 hereof, or v. is otherwise provided for in this Agreement.
    d) Training. No right to the provision of services in connection with training and practice in the use and installation of the Software shall result for the End User from this Agreement.
  1. Change of End User. The End User may transfer the License and all rights from this Agreement to another End User only with consent of the Provider and only if the new End User represents that it assumes all rights and obligations pertaining to the original End User under this Agreement.
  1. License Fee and Payment Terms. Software is licensed not sold. A License Fee for the Software shall be specified based on a price list of the Provider or of its business partners according to the number of computer systems for which the Software is designated (the “License Fee”). Upon payment of the License Fee you shall become entitled to use the Software in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement throughout the period for which you have acquired the right to use the Software. Unless another maturity date is specified in an invoice or other similar document issued by the Provider or its business partner, the License Fee shall be due upon delivery of the Software. You shall be liable for the fulfillment of tax and duty charges related to the provision of the License for the Software stipulated by applicable law, except for income taxes of the Provider. If you fail to pay the License Fee within the maturity date, your License for the Software shall be automatically revoked and you shall have to pay all costs connected with the recovery of a receivable due, including attorney fees and court fees. The obligation to pay the License Fee shall not apply to the Software provided as or a trial version.
  1. Data on End User and Protection of Rights. You as the End User authorize the Provider to transfer, process and save the data enabling the Provider to identify you. You agree that the Provider may check by its own means whether you are using the Software in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement. You agree that through communication of the Software with the computer systems of the Provider or of its business partners data may be transferred, the purpose of which is to ensure the functionality of and authorization to use the Software and protection of the Provider’s rights.
  1. Export and Re-export Compliance. The Software, the Documentation or parts thereof, including the information about the Software and parts thereof, shall be subject to the measures on monitoring of imports and exports under legal regulations which may be issued by the governments competent for the issuance thereof under applicable law. You agree to strictly comply with all applicable import and export regulations and acknowledge that you shall be held liable for the obtaining of licenses for export, re-export, transfer or import of the Software.
  1. Notices. All notices, the returned Software, and Documentation must be delivered to: MOBILE AFFIRS LTD., 51 Alexander Malinov Blvd, Metro City Building,1712 Sofia, Bulgaria. 
  1. Governing Law. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Bulgarian law. The End User and the Provider agree that conflict provisions of the governing law and United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods shall not apply. You expressly agree that exclusive jurisdiction for any claim or dispute with the Provider or relating in any way to Your use of the Software resides in Republic of Bulgaria and you further agree and expressly consent to the exercise of the personal jurisdiction in Republic of Bulgaria in connection with any such dispute or claim. Any dispute, if it cannot be resolved by mutual agreement, shall be referred to the competent court in Sofia, Bulgaria.
  2. General Provisions. If any provision of this Agreement is invalid or unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the Agreement. Those shall remain valid and enforceable under the terms and conditions stipulated herein. Any amendments hereto may only be in writing, and a statutory representative must sign such an amendment on behalf of the Provider. This Agreement between you and the Provider represents the single and entire Agreement applying to the Software and completely supersedes any prior representations, negotiations, obligations, reports, or advertisement of information related to the Software.
  1. Source Code. Dynamics Mobile is a complex software containing multiple software components. Mobile Affairs may provide source code if the you are license holder for the following software component: a) Typescript/JavaScript part of the mobile application that you are using b) Typescript/JavaScript part of “Dynamics Mobile Fleet”. c) “Dynamics Mobile Add-on for AX2012, Dynamics Mobile Add-on for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, Dynamics Mobile Add-on for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics Mobile Add-on for Microsoft Dynamics NAV”. You are allowed to modify the provided source code with the limitations defined in Article 24. 
  1. Modifications. You may modify the software only as necessary to use it for your internal business purposes if you received it in source code form or you or any third party acting on your behalf have licensed tools from Mobile Affairs that allow you or that third party to modify the software’s source code. Mobile Affairs is not responsible for any problems that result from modifications made to the software. For any modifications, you will indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Mobile Affairs from any claims, including attorneys’ fees, related to any modification made to the software or use of your programs that include any modification. Mobile Affairs does not, and will not have any obligation to, provide technical or other support for any modifications to the software. a) All copies of the programs you create must bear a valid copyright notice, either your own or the Mobile Affairs copyright notice that appears on the SOFTWARE PRODUCT. b) You may not remove or alter any Mobile Affairs copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights notice contained in any portion of Mobile Affairs libraries, source code, Redistributables or other files that bear such a notice. c) The modified source code and the resulting functionality are subject of this Agreement and must meet the terms and provisions of this Agreement. 
  1. Software Updates. The Provider may provide software updates to correct issues in the software or provide additional functionality in new releases of the software or make the software available for new releases of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. You are only allowed to use the new functionality, request published fixes, or request software versions compatible with new releases of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 while you are current on paying annual maintenance (Enhancement Plan) or your monthly subscription fees based on your specific software plan.
  2. Complex Software.The software is complex computer software. Its performance will vary depending on your hardware platform, software interactions, the configuration of the software and other factors. The software is neither fault tolerant nor free from errors, conflicts or interruptions.
  3. Additional Functionality.Dynamics Mobile may provide additional functionality for the software. Other license terms and fees may apply.
  1. Internet-based services. Mobile Affairs may at its sole option provide Internet-based services with the software, which are:
    a) Consent for Internet-Based Services. Certain features in the software may connect to Mobile Affairs or third-party service provider computer systems over the Internet. In some cases, you will not receive a separate notice when they connect. You may switch off these features or not use them. This includes but not limited to connectivity and access to “Dynamics Mobile Fleet” SaaS service. For more information about these features, see the software documentation. By using these features, you consent to the transmission of this information. Mobile Affairs will not use the information to identify or contact you.
    b) Computer Information. Certain features in the software may use Internet protocols, which send to the appropriate systems and Internet services computer information, such as your Internet protocol address, the type of operating system, browser, name and version of the software you are using,  the language code and geographic location of the device where you installed the software.  Mobile Affairs uses this information to make the Internet-based services available to you. Some of these features may include, but may not be limited to, Web Content Features. Web Content Features in the software may retrieve related content from Mobile Affairs and provide it to you. To provide the content, these features may send to Mobile Affairs the type of operating system, name and version of the software you are using, type of browser and language code of the device where you installed the software. Examples of these features are sending of mobile data copy to Dynamics Mobile Fleet to be used for Disaster Recovery and Geo-location reporting purposes.
    c) Use of Information. Mobile Affairs may use device information, error reports, and malware reports to improve our software and services. We may also share it with others, such as hardware and software vendors. They may use the information to improve how their products run with Dynamics Mobile software.
    d) Misuse of Internet-based Services. You may not use these services in any way that could harm them or impair anyone else’s use of them. You may not use the services to try to gain unauthorized access to any service, data, account or network by any means.


Last Updated: Jan 23, 2020