Peacock Release

The Peacock release is published. It is the first release for 2018 and includes tons of enhancements, listed bellow:

  • The SURVEYS mobile app is ready for general use
    We are introducing Dynamics Mobile SURVEYS app. The app is available in the Dynamics Mobile marketplace for general use. It allows the organizations to author questionaries and list of customers/outlets to be visited and send this information to their mobile agents. The agents may then take their smartphones or tablets and go out in the field, visiting the outlets and filling out the questionaries with the right answers , attaching camera snapshots and person on-screen signatures. The process may be performed without internet everywhere in the world and the collected data will be stored securely in Dynamics Mobile Cloud. The supervisors may then observe the data collection activities in real-time or off-line and track the mobile agents geo-locations, look into specific questions and answers and analyze the collected data. The SURVEYS mobile app is a perfect match for organizations, that needs to collect important data from the field in a structured way combined with photos, geo-location coordinates, customer signatures and others. The route management capabilities allows the supevisors to plan the list of outlets or customers to be visited by every mobile agent and track the performance of the route during the day. Typical scenarios are Merchandising, Check-list based complance scenarios, Field inspections and many more.
  • Fleet Route Management
    Supervisors may now create and manage routes for each mobile user by assigning stops over the world map in certain order. The routes are then sent to Dynamics Mobile mobile users and they may start following the route without internet connection.
  • Refresh of CORE mobile apps for all platforms
    We've made several releases of our CORE mobile apps for each platform (iOS, Android, Windows 10). The improvements are related to the printing of unicode characaters ( Arabic language ) , visual improvements regarding pending synchronization and new APIs around cloud integration available for the cross-platform developers
  • SyncLog packets export
    Dynamics Mobile Cloud acts as a disaster recovery system for on-premises deployments. Supervisor may now downlad mulitple mobile JSON packets for certain period as a single ZIP file. This feature is usefull for packet analysis during the development cycle or during production times when a recovery actions need to take place.
  • Dynamics Mobile Marketplace
    Dynamics Mobile introduced a central marketplace for mobile apps , allowing the users to quickly search and deploy mobile apps listed in the market place. While the selection of available apps is still limited, we are happy to announce the general readiness of the platform to accept and deploy third-party apps.
  • End Of the Day (EOD) reports
    It might be challenging for the supervisors to know what's happening in the field, when managing large amount of agents outside. This is now easier by using the newly published End Of the Day reports. They provide summary of all activities for the entire fleet or single mobile user.
  • Tons of Dynamics Mobile Studio Enhancements
    We are constantly adding features to Dynamics Mobile Studio to power up the mobile devs with new toys and shorten the development cycle. Dynamics Mobile Studio provides enhanced file management features and brand new mobile-to-backend event subcritpion engine.The event subcritpion engine allows the developer to subscribe to important mobile events and handle them in the cloud, without a need to handle the various complexities like routing, scaling, etc.
  • Mobile Groups Sync options
    The administrators can control if certain group of mobile users within mobile app needs to send transactions to the back-end or not. So, if they are using stand-alone cloud-based app, they might not need to send transactions to the ERP, which can be now controlled with ease.
  • SyncLog packets export
    Dynamics Mobile Cloud acts as a disaster recovery system for on-premises deployments. Supervisor may now downlad mulitple mobile JSON packets for certain period as a single ZIP file. This feature is usefull for packet analysis during the development cycle or during production times when a recovery actions need to take place.

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Owl Release

The Owl release is published.

  • Dynamics Mobile Studio is now in the cloud
    Dynamics Mobile Studio is now availbe for use entirely from the cloud .It allows the mobile developers to develop cross-platform mobile apps in the cloud without a need to deploy complex dev tools and environments. It allows web stack developers to build enterprise business apps connected with Microsoft Dynamics AX, Mirosoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics 365. It makes the utilization of device hardware like mobile printers, barcode scanners, device cameras, local off-line storage ,geo-location and many more quick and easy with a single pice of code for Android, iOS and Windows 10.
  • Advanced Supervisor/User Management
    Dynamics Mobile administrators may create, delete and manage web users directly from their web dashboard in order to optimize the usage against the actual needs of the organization.
  • Dynamics Mobile Credits purchase via Credit Card
    Administrators many now easily load their accounts with more Dynamics Mobile Credits by using credit card payment. This shortens the lifecycle between the actual ordering of more credits , payment and credits proisioning. More info be found in our Payment and Refund policy
  • Mobile Groups Settings
    Administrators may manage the mobile user groups from their dashboards, which allows them to quickly change the behaviour of the mobile apps for every group.
  • Dynamics Mobile App Refresh for Windows 10
    We just published a new refresh of our Windows 10 App in Windows Store. All Windows 10 devices may update from Windows Store.

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Eagle Release

The Eagle release is published.

  • Enterprise Device Management features powered by Soti MobiControl
    Dynamics Mobile is now integrated with Soti MobiControl. Organizations may now use Dynamics Mobile and Soti MobiControl in single itnegrated package provided as a highly available hosted cloud service.
  • Expenses management and monitoring
    Dynamics Mobile includes now a Billing section, where the organizations may review and manage their monthly bills, credit balances and have detailed consumption reporting.
  • Route Exporter
    Allows the administrators to export mobile user activity to CSV/Excel file for off-line analysis.
  • SyncLog Push Explorer
    Administrators may now explore the raw data send from each mobile device. This feature is extremly useful during development/customizatin phased of the mobile apps.
  • Event filtering
    The Event filtering enables searching of interesting events by mobile user, date range and others. It gives the administrators deeper insights of is happening with their mobile fleet.

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Parrot Release

The Parrot release is here.

  • Internet of things support for Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV
    We introduced new add-ons for for Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV allowing the organizations to easily deploy and connect internet-of-things solutions to their AX or NAV ERP.
  • Brand new Dynamics Mobile Website
    We published a new web site , integrating most of our web sites into a single high-scale web platform.

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Ibis Release

We delivered the Sep 2016 release. Let's unpack it:

  • Geo Services: Live Monitor groups
    The Live Monitor may now group the events captured from the devices by groups. The groups may represent busisness channlels, divisions ,companies ,which are specific to the organziation.
  • Mobile Apps: New CORE features for developers
    We introduced several new features in our mobile API , allowing the developers to esily download and open ERP attachments on mobile devices
  • Mobile Apps: Active Directory Authentication
    Dynamics Mobile Appications may now authenticate against the corporate Active Directory in cross-platform manner.
  • Dynamics Mobile Add-on for Microsoft Dynamics AX update
    We introduced a new synchronization engine for Microsoft Dynamics AX, which is nealry 10 times faster than the current one.
  • Inner Circle Award
    Intelligent Systems, the parent organization of Dynamics Mobile, has been named for 2016 Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics.

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Toucan Release

The July 2016 release just arrived.Let see what's inside the

  • New home page design
    Dynamics Mobile now has a new home or landing page. It is simpler and mobile optimized. We are going to continuosly update the look and feel of all other pages in order to improve the mobile experience of our users.
  • New report: Key Performance Indicators
    The newest Key Performance Inidcators report , displays selected numbers captured from the mobile fleet. It allows the user to filter by date range, mobile apps and departments or business channels. The KPIs report displays:
    • Total Amount: total money in thousands collected for the filter.
    • Total Transactions: The number of the transactions captured matching the the filter
    • Active Devices: The number of the mobile devices sent at least one transaction
    • Visits:The number of the unique customers or locations visited
    • Route Compliance:A percetange showing if the fleet is following the planned routes
    • Geo Compliance:A percetange showing if the fleet is physically visiting the customers
  • Live Monitor Improvements
    The Live Monitor introduces several improvements:
    • Up-Time Display: shows the total hours and minutes since the monitor was opened or reset.
    • Web Browser Refresh: the totals on top are not cleared if the browser is refreshed
    • Zoom Out: A new Zoom-Out button is available in the event details popup
    • Instant Messaging:A new IM button is available in the event details popup
  • User Account Management
    The new functionality allows administrators to see the list of all linked accounts e.g. all supervisor accounts within the organization. This is done by clicking over the e-mail on top-left of the web site. It will open the account details page. This feature is quite simple , but essential in order for us to be able to introduce our planned security improvements like MFA and SSO via Active Directory.
  • Coockie policy popup
    Dynamics Mobile web site uses policy to enhance the user experience. In this regard The Login page displays a Cookie policy alert aligned with the European Uniton regulations.

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Finch Release

So, here comes again another release - The Finch. We polished some of the existing reports to make them cleaner, faster and richer

  • Live Monitor filtering, auto-reset and non-geo events displaying
    The The Live Monitor report , allows filtering by Tag in addition to the APP filtering. It means that the users will be able to filter the events by region, department, channel or anything else available as Tag.
    The Live Monitor will reset the list of the events and totals at midnight automativally.
    You may display the Live Monitor on a big TV Set in your operations control room and watch your fleet as it progress on the field. The Live Monitor also will display events without geo-location coordinates in gray on the left side. Yes ,you won't be able to click over the event and see the point on map, but still it gives an idea of what happens on the field and that there are devices with Location Services disabled.
  • Route Compliance charts improvements, planned route pop up and skip reason code
    The Route Compliance report now , allows the user to click over the PLANNED colum to see the list of the planned customers for the day.
    This gives the user immediate feedback about the actual customers who were planned. The Route Compliance Details ( after the user clicks over the mobile user name) displays refreshed charts with more insighs about the compliance. A major difference now is that still the list of the events displays every single event from the day, the charts display only summary based on the number of the different customers and locations visited.
    So for example if a mobile user has visited 2 customers for the day and made 2 sales orders for each for each of them, the charts on top will display 2 visits only, but the table bellow will show 4 events or even more. The detailed compliance also displays the skip reason as well. It gives an answer to why a customer was not visited.

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Crow Release

We have the May 2016 release unleashed to public.It includes again new features as well as few improvements:

  • Live Monitor
    The Live Monitor report , displays all events as they happen on the feld over the map with the most important details. It allows the managers to monitor their fleet activities in real time and react on time if needed.
  • Route Area report
    The Route Area report displays the areas served by every mobile user based on the geo-location data captured from each device and shows the area, where the individual regions are intersected. It allowed the managers to easily observe if the panned sales routes are overriden and optimize them to avoid the intersection.
  • Route Compliance Report Summary Charts
    The Route Compliance report displays summary charts on top , allowing the managers to quckly understand if the fleet follows the planned route and if they are actually visiting the customers based on the information obtained from the GPS of the mobile devices. The charts displays the visited vs planned ration for a given day as well as geo-compliance ration which is based on the number of the events happening within 500m from the customer site.
  • Route Explorer now displays the planned route on the map
    The Route Explorer has a new ROUTE button, allowing the managers to review the planned route for specific mobile user drawn on the map.
  • New Partner Area
    The Partner area provides even more resources to partner developers , including downloads and video tutorials.

Pigeon Release

April 2016 release is here, packing a bunch of exciting features:

  • System performance indicators on main page
    The main page already displays general system performance indicators on the main page. It includes the number of the transactions ( messages) sent-in from the mobile devices and as well as the data volume. It shows for example that there are nearly 15 000 mobile transactiosn daily in the Demo area generating only 2Mb of data. The system indicators also shows the number of events and data volume received from the back-end ERP and any important erros wich require attention.
  • New Route Compliance report
    We have a brand new route compliance report, which allows the managers to analyze if the mobile users are actually following the planned sales/delivery routes. The Route Compliance report provides general route compliance KPIs as well as details drill-down for even deeper understaning of the events on the ground. The report provides geo-location compliance analysis obtaining from the geo-fencing functionality of Dynamics Mobile app and allows the managers to analyze if the mobile users are following the planned sales route physicially - if they visit the customers for real.
  • Optimized Heat maps reports
    Our heat maps reports are now re-rewritten and optimized to easily render tens of thousands of daily transactions on the map.

Sparrow Release

Yet another month passed, and we made available our March 2016 release. It includes new reports and brand new demo area with free access.

  • Demo area
    We introduced a demo area , which is freely accessible from our web site - just click the Demo Login button and voalla - you are in. It generates more than 15 000 daily mobile transactions from our mobile device farm and simulates a fleet of mobile devices selling goods in the UAE's Dubai and Abu Dabi regions. Their activities may be overseen over the map and analyzed in the various reports available. We are working on introducing even more sophisitcated daily generated demo data to be able to demontrate all the capabilities of Dynamics Mobile Insights platform.
    We are actually using the same approach on providing constant test loads on our cloud platform used to monitor the cloud load and behaviour for both testing and production environments.
  • Heat map reports
    We introduced new report type called - Heat Map. The Heat map reports are showing the "hottest" areas on the world map where the mobile devices are peroforming specific activties.
    There are currently 3 Heat Map based reports:
    - Amount Heat map: displays the areas, where the mobile sales people generates the highest amount of money.
    - Events Heat map: displays the areas, where the mobile users generates the highest number of transactions - orders, invoices, etc.
    - Duration Heat map: displays the areas, where the mobile users spent most of their time (duration) while creation specific transaction.