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Van-Sales & Distribution

Dynamics Mobile - van sales and distribution app

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics 365,


Wholesale, Retail, Food & Beverage, Distribution & Logistics, Pharmaceutical,

About the product

A cross-platform Van Sales mobile application available for iOS, Android and Windows 10. It is connected  with Microsoft Dynamics AX  , Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics 365 and is intended to be used by organizations having mobile sales and delivery fleet performing presales, VAN sales  , delivery or payment collection activities. It works in complete off-line mode.

  • Works inside Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX and NAV

The solution is natively integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics 365  with a native Add-on. There is no middleware database to replicate and all transactions are automatically exchanged between the mobile device and the ERP.

  • Complete Off-line mode

Dynamics Mobile synchronization  technology allows the mobile application to store and consume business data locally on the device. Combined with the ability of the Dynamic Mobile apps to run on-device business logic, it allows Dynamics Mobile mobile  applications to run in complete off-line mode  and eliminating the need for permanent internet connection. This allwos  the  Dynamics Mobile apps to be used everywhere regardless of the conditions.

  • Invoice Registration

Salesperson can register a sales invoice directly from the mobile device without a need for internet connection and still having  the mobile app properly calculating  the  order totals based on the customer agreed prices  , discounts and current promotions.

  • Cash, Bank, Cheque Payment Collection

Salesperson may see the  due invoices on the mobile device and register payment collection against the invoices via cheque, bank or cash. The collected payment is automatically sent to the ERP and settled as payment journal.

  • Invoice printing

Salesperson may print invoice or payment receipt from his mobile device to a bluetooth  printer right there in  the field.

  • End-of-Day Report

Driver may run end-of-the-day report to  anytime during the day to see the current progress. The End-Of-the-Day report contains full reporting about the  daily sales, cash on hand, inventory levels and others and can be used for daily reconciliation  , once the truck is back.

  • Credit balance, Credit limits, Dues

Sales may be blocked for customers with due invoices or reached credit limit.

  • Inventory visibilty and tracking

Driver may see the inventory loaded in the truck by  items , lots(batches), serials.The inventory level is updated on every sale.

  • Complete customer information

Salesperson may see the customer number, title, address, credit balance and credit limits as well as open invoices and last orders

  • Geo-location enabled

All transactions are augmented with GPS coodinates  and rendered on the world map, allowing the supervisors to track the fleet in near-real time.

  • Sales Route Management

Supervisors may plan sales route  for each weekday and salesperson  by providing list  of customers to be visited in specific order. Salesperson sees the planned route for the day on his device and may follow it accordingly. The supervisor may analyze the visited customers based on the planned route and see any variances.

  • Live fleet monitoring

All mobile transactions like orders, invoices, payment collections  ,deliveries and others may be observed in real time on the world map

  • Heat maps

Various heat map reports are available ,showing  the places in the world, where most of the business is happening in terms of money and activities

  • Fleet route compliance analytics

The system automatically registers and analyzes the planned customer visits of the fleet and measures the compliance against the planned routes. This provides overall and fine-grained analytics over the performance of the fleet against the planned visits for the day

Dynamics Mobile van sales app screenshot
Dynamics Mobile van sales app screenshot
Dynamics Mobile van sales app screenshot


Dynamics Mobile apps run on a subscription basis.

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