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Inner Circle Award

Friday, August, 5, 2016

Intelligent Systems, the parent organization of Dynamics Mobile, has been named for 2016 Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics

The Inner Circle is annually entered by only about 60 of all of the almost 10,000 certified ERP and CRM systems providers. These are partners which have achieved the highest business results with respect to number of deals and revenue to Microsoft, as well as an exceptional quality of the services provided during the implementation and support of the above mentioned corporate solutions.

The awards are yet another proof of the group’s role as a leading provider of integrated business management systems on a global level. The previous impressive recognition from Microsoft came in 2013, when Intelligent Systems entered the TOP 5% of the key implementers of the Dynamics solutions. The following years were accompanied by intensive growth, strategic partnerships building, and entry into new markets, and consequently the number of countries in which the group has carried out projects has exceeded 35. In 2016, Intelligent Systems performed outstandingly once again by completing the two biggest deals for the Microsoft’s ERP and CRM solutions for the entire CEE region.

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