Pigeon Release

Thursday, April, 28, 2016

April 2016 release is here, packing a bunch of exciting features:

System performance indicators on main page

The main page already displays general system performance indicators on the main page. It includes the number of the transactions ( messages) sent-in from the mobile devices and as well as the data volume. It shows for example that there are nearly 15 000 mobile transactions daily in the Demo area generating only 2Mb of data. The system indicators also shows the number of events and data volume received from the back-end ERP and any important errors which require attention.

New Route Compliance report

We have a brand new route compliance report, which allows the managers to analyze if the mobile users are actually following the planned sales/delivery routes. The Route Compliance report provides general route compliance KPIs as well as details drill-down for even deeper understanding of the events on the ground. The report provides geo-location compliance analysis obtaining from the geo-fencing functionality of Dynamics Mobile app and allows the managers to analyze if the mobile users are following the planned sales route physically – if they visit the customers for real.

Optimized Heat maps reports

Our heat maps reports are now re-rewritten and optimized to easily render tens of thousands of daily transactions on the map.

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