Dynamics Mobile allows the organizations to connect mobile devices (phones, tablets) and IoT(Internet of Things) hardware (buttons, sensros, etc. ) to their ERP or other backend systems.
Dynamics Mobile may be used as a hybrid (cloud/on-premises) solution or pure cloud service

Mobility with Dynamics Mobile

The typical scenario assumes that the organization already has an ERP or other business software system in place and need to use the data from the employee's mobile devices.The organization may use Dynamics Mobile to publish specific business functionality in the hands of the employees connected with the ERP.

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IoT with Dynamics Mobile

The business organizations may require to deploy different hardware devices like hardware buttons, sensors and many others, which must be connected with their ERP. Dynamics Mobile provides the oganizations with the technology to enroll, manage and connect Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices with their ERPs.

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